Flower Ring


Most "businesses" are only interested in selling you things.... simply to make money ... and the web is notorious for this.

They believe the more money they make the better it is and once they have your money that is the end of it. There is No support! If you need something changed, customized or fixed ... they don't know you ... you are on your own!

We choose to do things differently - we do not want to just sell you stuff. Do we need to make profit - yes of course - we have to eat too, but we will not grossly over charge you, nor will we make things cheaply just to improve the bottom line. Things may cost us more but that is because we use higher quality materials and put more time into the design and workmanship!


Thus it is not a volume issue (despite claims) but rather of how (many) sellers cut corners - and buy and sell items from the bottom line ... and they get away with it simply because most customers do not know the difference.

We CHOOSE to make and sell higher quality items with beautiful quality stones and we will gladly spend the time to teach customers so that they can see what to look for in any Jewelry (even if they do not buy with us).


Because to us, buying Jewelry should be enjoyable - not stressful. Each piece of Jewelry you own should represent memories and a personal enjoyment of a piece of beauty! Each pieces of Jewelry should something you treasure for years ... not something you discard quickly because it broke or became discolored, or it simply no longer works.

We think you should ALWAYS be happy with your purchase for decades ...

We believe that is what the ethical Jewelry business is about ... at least it is to us.


Of course this is simply our personal choice - This is not meant to be a put down or a lecture - merely our way of doing business and we hope you share that vision.

We choose to carry items and produce things WE and hopefully you can be proud of for years and be glad you bought from us ...

For us profit comes a distant second to relationships.

So we will do our best to give you fair prices and to stand behind everything we sell or recommend ... it is not a motto or a commercial - it is simply our way and we are proud of what we do.